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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shoes..a must have!

I'm sure men and women can both agree that footwear, is one of the hottest topics among both genders. Women seek a sexy shoe that will retain appreciative "oohs" and "ahhhs" from their peers, while retaining the comfort they need to go about their day to day. Men seek the next hot shoe. Countless times have I overheard conversations of male friends gawking in anticipation over the next hottest shoe coming out. Here are a few of my favorites for both genders.=)


Those signature red sole bottom shoes, which he dyes for no one are definitely the most sexy shoes on the planet as far as I am concerned. Christian Louboutin (pictured above) is definitely a true artists, and skilled craftsman.

These metallic gold shoes, definitely say don't mess with me. Janet Jackson rocked a pair of these Louboutins after graciously receiving them as a gift from the artist himself.

Rhianna is definitely making a statement, with these beautiful suede boots. Rhianna is definitely sending the message that one can be dressed casual, but dress it up with some funky shoes.

Catenita Trash priced at $995 are one of my favorites from Mr. Louboutin.


Men who take pride in their appearance is definitely something to be valued. There are ways to be stylishly masculine without those basketball sneakers.

These hot red Louis Vuittons worn by Kanye West are guaranteed to turn heads. They are the perfect compliment to a semi casual outfit.

These shoes definitely put a new twist on penny loafers, and sneakers. It takes true creativity to come up with a fresh idea, and enable it to look this hot.


class act said...

Your blog is very cute! I like all your posts so far!

monica said...

i love louboutins

great blog layout btw - edgy i like :)