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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fanny Packs?

(Pictured above: Fanny Pack of America's Best Dance Crew)

Earlier today with great anticipation I made my way downtown with fellow Chicagoans to the Taste of Chicago. For those who do not reside in Chicago, and/or are not aware of what the Taste of Chicago is, the following explanation is for you.=) Every year over 50 Chicago food vendors create stands on popular streets in downtown Chicago where customers can sample or try a full dish for the required amount of tickets.

Delicious aromas filled the air, as my anticipation grew stronger with every step and breath, then suddenly I stopped in my tracks. Approaching me was a bright red neon fanny pack holding on to the waist of its owner for dear life due to many years of wear and tear. In slight horror of an old trend I continued on my journey, only to find a sea of variously colored fanny packs swarming around me with slight confusion, and utter delight of the days activities.

Will this trend ever die down? It seems as if the 80s are begging to be laid to rest, whilst we are still holding on to distant fond memories. Many will hide behind the excuse of "this is convenient, and I can get to what I need quickly and easily". I don't understand how anyone can have 5 pounds of unnecessary clutter hanging from their shirt fronts. Even designers are guilty of fueling such an awful trend.

Although this lovely Chanel shoe with a mini clutch on the strap is uniquely breath taking, I can not condone anything giving fanny pack users an excuse to continue down their path of time frame confusion.

Although this metallic fanny pack is not produced by a designer, slapping rhinestones over the entire bag is not an excuse for calling it fashionable.


For Women:

Although one may think it is a fanny pack, while it closely resembles the way a fanny pack would clutch the body, on the contrary it is rather different. This chic pink bag from Gucci's 2009 Spring/Summer collection is not only functional, but stylish. Unlike a fanny pack, it does not protrude outwards, but it is slim and form fitting to the body. In addition there are various compartments for easy access to your necessities.

For Men:

As temperatures climb steadily throughout the summer, no one should be subjected to carrying around various items around their waists no matter what their gender happens to be. Most men hold the concern that bags are feminine, and/or simply don't feel like carrying a bag around by the handles all day. This bag (Hoxton Bag) from Chris & Tibor's 2009 Spring/Summer collection perfectly fits your summer needs. It is big enough to carry items that you may need from running around town with the boys, while having the comfort of being hands free.