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Monday, April 18, 2011


With my first year as a college freshman almost complete, the emergence of my clothing/accessory line, and the pursuit of a modeling career I have found a lot on my plate. However I dearly miss blogging, therefore I am going to make the effort to blog at least once a week! Can't wait to catch up on some of my favorite blogs as well. <3

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion never fades..but will SEX?!

Sex and the City 2!

In great anticipation I have waited for this moment (just as Carey waited for Mr. Big) and it has finally arrived! Sex and the City 2 hit theaters with not only its amazing actresses, but with its breath taking fashions that would bring any fashionista to climax! Sex and the City 1 greatly set a standard for the second movie with all the various designers, and costumes that were utilized. Personally my favorite piece from Sex and the City 1 would be the Judith Leiber cupcake clutch in which Lily innocently concealed Carey's phone. I have high hopes and expectation for this film, and perhaps I'll get some fashion inspirations as well.

Miranda's outfit is my favorite of the girls in this club scene!
Outfit by: New York designers Phillipe and David Blond.

Kim Cattrall & co-star Miley Cyrus
Dresses by: Matthew Williamson
This is bound to be a fun scene!

Sweet Lily and the Leiber clutch!

Katy Perry is also a fan!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to wear "Leggings as Pants"

Earlier I created a post concerning the improper usage of leggings as a pant or jean.
Pictured Below:
Picture 4: Alice & Olivia Front zip Denim $187.00
Picture 5: Joe's Jeans Denim Leggings $98.00
Picture 6: Davide Lerner Lace Leggings $110.00

Leggings are NOT pants

I stopped short in my tracks unaware as to what to do next. Various thought patterns raced through my head: don't stare! Should I confront them? Perhaps they have a reasonable explanations as to why they left their homes without pants?! Day by day I continuously view the growth and misuse of ladies wearing leggings as pants. Perhaps this is a fashion statement taken a little to the extremities. Personally I feel that leggings are to be worn as a flattering compliment to specific outfits in addition to perhaps a subtle flashback to the 80's when the appropriate time calls for it. Would you walk out of your house with just tights and a t-shirt? Arguable leggings are simply tights with an open space designated for your feet and not a substitution for pants. Spring 2010 is upon us as temperatures begin to warm. This however should not be taken as the opportunity to "dress lighter" thus barely dressing your lower body.

This is not to go without saying that with certain care and fashionable knowledge one could in fact wear "leggings as pants" Please continue to read and follow for my entry on the appropriate way to wear "leggings as pants".

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creations Live On

Alexander McQueen


Urgently I pressed my refresh key hoping that the news that laid before my eyes was not really there. Fashion's first love Alexander McQueen was found dead at the age of 40 on Thursday February 11. He was discovered a week before London's fashion week and a month before the preview of his new collection in Paris. I shutter at the thought of the ending of immaculate shows and possibly the hault of an amazing artist. What is to become of the McQueen line? One thing can be stated, beauty is timeless and creativity is the product of innovation which lasts for an eternity. I am forever indebted to his contributions to fashion.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fashion Never Fades...and neither will I

I'm quite apologetic for the unexpetced hiatus, but as senior year comes to a closing I find myself swamped in college applications.(Secretly I wish they were a sea of Loubutins =)..hmm maybe that's not a secret!) I look forward to returning to my weekly postings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spring return to me!

I have personally been playing around with my style, and I have fallen in love with maxing feminine, and masculine pieces. DSquared one of my favorite designers premiered their 2010 Spring Collection in Paris contrasting feminine pieces with masculine attributes such as camping.

The mini dressed matched with a simlpe jean jacket is a simple chic style anyone can perform at home.
I truly love the last look!

I adore the two toned pants and bag!

Perfect balance of feminine and masculine.

Amazing color usage.

I love how creative this outfit is made of components of camping.