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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion never fades..but will SEX?!

Sex and the City 2!

In great anticipation I have waited for this moment (just as Carey waited for Mr. Big) and it has finally arrived! Sex and the City 2 hit theaters with not only its amazing actresses, but with its breath taking fashions that would bring any fashionista to climax! Sex and the City 1 greatly set a standard for the second movie with all the various designers, and costumes that were utilized. Personally my favorite piece from Sex and the City 1 would be the Judith Leiber cupcake clutch in which Lily innocently concealed Carey's phone. I have high hopes and expectation for this film, and perhaps I'll get some fashion inspirations as well.

Miranda's outfit is my favorite of the girls in this club scene!
Outfit by: New York designers Phillipe and David Blond.

Kim Cattrall & co-star Miley Cyrus
Dresses by: Matthew Williamson
This is bound to be a fun scene!

Sweet Lily and the Leiber clutch!

Katy Perry is also a fan!